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This Is How I Achieve 50K Organic Traffic with the New Google Update

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Structured Data allowed us to increase organic traffic by more than 50,000 clicks. Discover this success story and take advantage of all types of structured data that Google update 2022 offers us.

One of my clients in the Health sector had the great challenge of increasing the traffic and organic reach of users interested in cancer and health issues for their website. The intention of increasing organic traffic is to generate business and stop depending on the pattern.

Do you know that the organic conversion rate is much higher than the paid one?

That’s right, that’s why it’s so important to be able to position your website organically. Without organic traffic, there is no option to capture potential leads. Taking into account that the conversion rate is higher, we recommend not missing the great opportunity to apply SEO, the opportunity to position yourself in Google and generate business is too much.

After applying Structured Data or Rich Snippets, in just 3 months we increased organic traffic by 50,815 clicks. Read on to learn how to use them in your digital business.

Google tells us that applying structured data will help you to better crawl your web page, and if Google crawls your website better, the better your indexing will be and the better your positioning will be in Google results.

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Do you know that positions can be jumped? For example, let’s say that a web page can rank for a certain keyword in position 8, but, because it has Structured Data, it appears much higher.  

On the other hand, in addition to being easy to use and completely organic, they adapt to different content formats, such as articles, FAQs, products, events, videos, logos, etc. 

Another very important factor is that they increase the CTR or click-through rate. That is the relationship between clicks and the times we are seen in Google search results. 

But the most important thing is that they work. In just 3 months, I was able to generate over 50k clicks with Rich Snippets, purely organically. 

How to use Structured Data?

You may be wondering: how did I manage to increase organic traffic for a client’s website so much with structured data? There are many ways to use structured data. However, let’s keep in mind that JSON-LD is a way of coding recommended by Google itself and basically consists of a javascript annotation that must be embedded in the head of the web page.

Here’s how to use structured data step-by-step for a blog post (we recommend starting with the URLs that bring the most traffic to your website as we do, so you’ll see results faster):

1.  Choose an article.

2.  Go to your web browser and type in with your keyboard or go to the generator: This user-friendly tool gives you the option to create Structured Data in articles, FAQs, videos, and many more formats.  

3.  Add the URL of the article and, meanwhile, on the right you will see that the code is being modified automatically.

4.  Add the title, images, and a short description. Remember to include the keywords but the idea is to put a summary, something that makes the reader want to enter. 

5.  Then copy the code that appears.

6.  Go to the URL: and paste the code. 

7.  Click on the test code and wait a few seconds.

8.  If you get a valid item detected, congratulations! That tells us that the process is working.

9.  Now you only have to copy the code and paste it in the head of your web page. 

10.  Once we have it placed and updated, get ready for the results.

The thing to remember is that this process, while simple, does not generate results automatically. To start seeing them, it is necessary for Google to crawl your web page again and it is after that that you will see better positioning.

But, do not be discouraged, you will eventually see the fruits of your labor and if you want to speed up the process, you can also put in place some tactics to speed up Google crawling.

Results of using Structured Data – A success story

As we have mentioned before, we recommend taking advantage of the various types of structured data that Google allows us to use. We can drive over 50K organic clicks using structured data for FAQs, videos, articles, products, and more.

Below, we’ll show you the actual data and the bump upload only applying structured data for videos and FAQs (considering all the types of structured data out there, the opportunity is huge).

Results for the use of structured data in videos
Results for the use of structured data in videos

Now that we have shown you the real results, what are you waiting for to start using structured data within your digital strategy?

Improve your traffic with SEO

SEO offers us many ways to increase sales through organic channels, not just using Rich Snippets. Schedule a meeting with us and discover all the ways we can help you optimize, increase and even double the organic traffic you already have.

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